Transformational Breath®

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16/17th December 2023

LSE Bankside London SE1 9JA


4/5th May 2024

The Healing House N22 8DH

£250 (for the first 6 bookings) 

Transformational Breath: A Legacy of over 50 Years of Accredited Breathwork Excellence

Unlock Holistic Health and Spiritual Growth

Have you ever considered the transformative potential that lies within your own breath? While it’s universally understood that breathing is essential for life, the true depth of its influence on our holistic well-being often goes unnoticed.

This unique weekend workshop—titled “Reclaim Your Breath”—offers you the chance to dive deep into the art and science of Transformational Breath®. This powerful self-healing tool goes beyond mere survival; it taps into the untapped energies of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Why is Your Breath So Crucial?

Breathing is not just an automatic bodily function; it’s a dynamic force that influences your overall health and quality of life. Ineffective breathing patterns not only detach us from our bodies but also serve as a mechanism to repress and suppress emotions. This, in turn, can pave the way for various illnesses and diseases.

What You”ill Gaain

  • Deepened Understanding: Consciously engage with your breath to unlock doors to areas in your life that you might have unconsciously sealed off.

  • Emotional Release: Let go of stored physical trauma and negative emotions that have been hindering your emotional and mental health.

  • Spiritual Connectivity: Use your breath as a gateway to spiritual growth and connectivity.

  • Discover how to empower yourself as a self-sufficient Breathwork Practitioner through daily practice.

What’s Included?

During the two-day workshop, you will partake in four comprehensive breathwork sessions aimed at taking you deeper into this transformative process. Additionally, we will equip you with other valuable tools, including how to develop dedicated morning practice.

Join us for a weekend that promises to be nothing short of life-altering. Harness the potent capabilities of your breath and set yourself on a path of holistic health and spiritual enrichment.

Reclaim Your Breath™

An Authentic Transformational Breath® Experience

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness with our certified Transformational Breath® Programme. This enriching weekend workshop offers you a comprehensive approach to breathwork, featuring expert-guided techniques such as Breath Analysis, Body Mapping, and Sound & Toning. With twice-daily Breath Sessions, you’ll unlock the profound benefits that come from liberating your restricted breathing patterns.

Investment Details

To secure your place in this transformative two-day experience, the investment is £350.

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“This breath work is one of the most powerful tools I have experienced for releasing feelings and creating more energy in the body.”

Nicole Belle Reclaim Your Breath

Becky O’Sullivan Reclaim Your Breath

“ I’ve been in therapy for nearly 6 years and I’ve gained so much though hard work on myself. I’ve worked though a lot of pain. Then I found TBr & withing my first sessions I cried. It’s been an incredible experience and opened me up in ways I haven’t for a v v long time.”

Sarah Jons, a Certified Transformational Breath Trainer and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, brings an unparalleled depth of expertise to her practice. Specialising in areas such as addiction, fertility, and trauma, Sarah delves into the world of subconscious beliefs and behaviours, leveraging the transformative power of breathwork for self-healing. She is proud to have been the founder of The Big Breath Company Ltd, where she spent nearly 10 years delivering trainings and seminars that explored the life-changing possibilities of conscious breathing.

Sarah is deeply committed to sharing her knowledge about the incredible potential of conscious breathwork to ignite the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Driven by her conviction that purposeful breathing is the key to unlocking the subconscious mind, Sarah is currently on the trajectory to become a Senior Trainer. She will lead these upcoming weekend retreats, which offers participants a golden opportunity to learn directly from her wealth of experience and set out on a life-altering journey through conscious breathwork.

With a fervent interest in neuroscience and a dedication to blending ancient wisdom with contemporary science, Sarah enhances the effectiveness of her breathwork programmes. She has organised and led breathwork workshops, retreats, and professional training sessions on a global scale and continues to work under the guidance of Dr Judith Kravitz. Through these initiatives, she has witnessed the extraordinary impact that controlled breathing can have on individuals’ lives. Sarah’s ultimate mission is to empower people to tap into their untapped potential and achieve deep, holistic healing through the mastery of conscious breathing.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you’re single, part of a couple, or attending with friends and family, this retreat is open to all. No matter your level of fitness or prior experience with Transformational Breath®, everyone is welcome.


Secure your spot for £350. 

Program Duration

This enriching journey spans two full days and includes 4 fully facilitated breathwork sessions.

Daily Schedule

Registration on the first day starts at 9:30am and the course starts at 10:00am. We will finish between 4:00 and 4:30pm. On the second day we start at 10:00am and finish by 4:00pm.

Why Join?

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with individuals who share your interest in personal growth. Reclaim Your Breath during this pivotal weekend and set the course for transformative change.

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