Breathing improves fertility

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As a Breath Teacher, I have personal experience of working with many women. Some of whom have successfully conceived after attending one to one sessions, or workshops, or weekend retreats run by The Big Breath Company.  A few of these women are over 40 too.

I have noticed time and time again when working with clients with infertility that they tend to be upper chest breathers.  This breath pattern breath means these women are using their back and intercostal muscles which do not allow a full breath. Our modern-day lifestyles create daily stresses that result in a large percentage of people breathing with their chests. It’s not just women. It’s men and children too.

Breathing is life. If there is no breath in the body, there is no life. Breath marks the beginning of life, and also marks the end of life.  So, we can conclude that it’s function is fundamental in bringing life into the body. Yet it is so often overlooked.

Breathing happens unconsciously with no assistance, or the conscious brain can intervene and take control.

The benefits of conscious breathing have been known for thousands of years derived from Eastern philosophies.  Only recently has the West taken notice. Conscious breathing can change our chemistry and bring a more positive mind-body state.

Just take a moment to imagine how healthy babies breathe. If you have a cat or a dog notice the way they breathe.  Can you visualise how the belly rises and falls in a circular motion. This pattern is a natural unrestricted breath.

So why does this matter?

If a woman is struggling to conceive, she may have a restricted breath pattern. This pattern will mean she is probably holding tension in her diaphragm and not engaging it entirely when she breathes.

What and why is the diaphragm important?

  • It is a sheet of muscle tissue that divides the chest and abdominal cavities.
  • The diaphragm tightens when we breathe in and relaxes when we breathe out.
  • This action brings more oxygen into the body to nourish and massage internal organs. More oxygen means more energy.
  • When we exhale and relax the diaphragm, this promotes the removal of waste and toxins from the body on the out-breath.
  • Without exercise this muscle becomes lazy.
The yellow dome shape is the diaphragm

One of the functions of the diaphragm is to deliver oxygen and remove toxins from the female pelvic area.

Breathwork increases physical well-being:

As I will point out multiple times across this platform, my philosophy centres on helping women increase their % chances of successful conception.  I acknowledge physical well- being is just as important as mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome are the top two major contributors to infertility. There are no cures for these conditions. They can be difficult to treat. My experiences show me that breathwork is an essential tool in the battle against infertility and can help alleviate these conditions.

So in summary

  • If a woman isn’t breathing fully she doesn’t bring life, energy, ‘Chi’, or whatever you choose to call it, into her physical body, or more specifically into her womb.
  • Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe, women with infertility related physical issues will benefit enormously from some form of integrative breathwork.