How does a lack of confidence show up in your life? 

In certain respects, low confidence and self-esteem can overlap. Confidence is related to the action or belief of carrying something out. Whereas esteem is related to an inside-out feeling.  It can be easier to build up confidence which will indirectly boost inner self-esteem.

Most people feel confident in some aspect of their life but less so in others. A high number of people lack confidence in speaking in public or at job interviews? Others want to find a partner but feel anxious about dating.

Even top sportspeople in the World doubt their abilities at times during their careers and seek help.  Frequently failing a driving test, or being made redundant can leave a person feeling inadequate and insecure.

We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies
Roderick Thorp

Confidence builds by taking action and stepping outside our comfort zone. Success is not a destination; it’s a journey made up of pushing through any layers of resistance, of surrender to inner struggle and improved self- talk.

There are numerous tools and techniques within the hypnotherapy, NLP framework that focuses specifically on improving confidence in all aspect of life.

Hypnosis for Confidence
  • Hypnotherapy for confidence

    will help you feel stronger in difficult situations

  • switch on courage and success

    switch off fear and failure

  • discover clarity & unleash motivation

    let go of doubt and procrastination

  • instill healthy boundaries

    and learn to put your own needs first

A study was performed to test the effects of hypnosis on the self-confidence of 22 university faculty (Stanton, 1995). Treatment consisted of hypnosis involving visualizations of confidence, both feeling confident and visualizing themselves as being confident. Relaxation training was also used to reduce any fears or anxiety. Evaluations showed that all 22 participants had improved and sustained levels of confidence following the study and during the follow-up evaluation.Stanton, H.E. (1995)

Hypnotherapy for self-confidence 
Identify and remove any barriers that hold you back. Tune into your inner guide and authentic voice. Create the best version of yourself.

Create the right balance of purpose, and pleasure in life for optimum happiness.  Switch off the negative and embrace the positive.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

a simple, effective solution