Drink Less

Are you drinking too much? 
We all know there are government guidelines about the number of units in a week that is deemed safe. The research says there isn’t any safe limit; it’s just based on the latest research from a public health point of view. So setting this to one side, the answer to this question should come from deep within you.

You haven’t always consumed alcohol. Perhaps you started in adolescence, or maybe later in life? Your relationship with alcohol will be determined by when you started, and what type of drinker you are. What is in your family history? Maybe you’re a binge drinker; maybe you’re a secret drinker, maybe you’re a bit of both?

ALCOHOL: Temporary fun with permanent consequences.

Also, why do you drink alcohol? To fit in socially, to relax in the evening, to reduce pain, to deal with low self-esteem or to reward yourself?

  • Do you want to reduce you alcohol consumption?

    Lets establish a healthier relationship with the “bottle”

  • Push the pause

    Establish new rules in your unconscious mind.

  • enjoy the benefits

    Better health, weight loss, clearer mind, reduced anxiety and depression.

Hypnotherapy for Drinking Less

Do you want to quit or do you want a healthier relationship with alcohol? So that part of you that’s stuck in the past can learn from that part of you that wants to take better care of you, that wants you to have a healthier relationship with booze. It doesn’t matter what you drink, or how much, it can change for you. Aside from the health benefits, you will lose weight naturally, have better quality sleep and find that your anxiety levels diminish.

By establishing simple rules in your subconscious, and accepting that any setbacks are just part of learning, you can step out of the shadows of that heavy drinking habit into a lighter drinking version of you. So take action now, contact me to find out how I can help you to drink less more often.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

a simple, effective solution