Emotional Hypnotherapy

E-Motion = Energy in motion 

We consciously block our attention from painful emotions and feelings in the conscious mind ( known as suppression). Repression is an unconscious process and may include early pre-verbal memories, and even past generations.

We know that we can inherit physical characteristics from our parents.  That mind and body are connected in one loop. Therefore is it not possible that we might inherit trauma? There is so much we just don’t fully understand or appreciate about the unconscious mind. Researchers have already shown that certain fears might be passed down through generations, at least in animals (mice).  In some groundbreaking research of Holocaust Survivors, it’s suggested that trauma can affect subsequent generations.

Hypnosis can target both repressed and suppressed emotions in the conscious and unconscious mind, in a way that other modalities fail.  Negative emotions can get stuck in the body, and over time this accumulation can lead to illness in the body.  Stress, anxiety, and depression interfere with hormone function in the body.   Many diseases have an emotional aspect to them.

Anxiety, stress, depression feel like something is out of place.  When we can’t find the source we blame ourselves.Sarah

If you’re struggling with an emotional issue or the slow progression of therapy,  then it’s time to take a different approach to your recovery.  My methods combine Advanced NLP, Hypnosis and Breathwork and much more. Let go of suffering and discover what lies at the core of your emotional issues.  Free and heal your unconscious mind.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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