Fertility Hypnosis

Fertility is taken for granted by those who easily fall pregnant. However, it’s estimated as many as one in three couples experience problems with infertility at some stage in their lives.

We’re waiting longer until we’ve established careers before starting our families. If we’ve been trying for a while, it’s natural for anxiety to set in, (especially if our biological clock is ticking away).

Scientists have discovered that women with high levels of cortisol can stop ovulating. Ovulation is a key to conception. The more stressed we are, the harder it is to conceive. Infertility isn’t just a physiological issue, emotional and mental factors need to be considered too. But that’s the thing, they just aren’t factored into fertility support programmes.  

When the mind can believe the body can conceive.

I suffered from secondary infertility related to an extremely difficult childbirth trauma. I didn’t know back then, what I know now about the emotional connection. It was a revelation to me when I embarked on advanced hypnotherapy training in this area.

This is and continues to be the most rewarding area of work I do.

Fertility Hypnosis

The Fertility Solution

Three simple steps:

  1. Firstly, let's explore your past and integrate any unresolved issues that might be unconsciously holding your mind/body back. Erase, and rewrite your life fertility script.
  2. Secondly, let's work with the present. Are you aiming for natural conception, or are you being supported through Assisted Reproduction Techniques?   With guided visualisations, positive affirmations and belief reprogramming, you can believe you will concieve.
  3. Thirdly, surrender and open that " hidden door within your deepest subconscious" to what's possible by creating and taking a different fertility approach.


Carens' story

"After the birth of our wonderful son four years ago, we always planned to expand our family. As our pregnancy has been easy, we had expected things to go as smoothly when trying for our second. However, over a span of 2 years, we sadly suffered 4 recurrent miscarriages. This left me emotionally and physically exhausted, and desperate in seeking alternative therapies to overcome my grief and improve our chances of a successful pregnancy. I found Sarah when researching hypnotherapy on the Internet, and decided to give her a try. Sarah was kind, empathetic, attentive, and made me feel very much at ease with the therapy. After three sessions, I continued to practice the breathing and visualisation exercises I learned from Sarah on a daily basis. In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued with Sarah's exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves and focus on healing. We are pleased to announce that we have since welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family! I am so thankful I came across Sarah, and how she was able to help me through such a tough and emotional period, all with a happy ending!"



  • Fertility Hypnosis can

    increase your % chances of conception

  • Help you to relax

    physically & emotionally

  • Save you money & time

    by avoiding costly fertility treatment

  • Take care of you both

    throughout your pregnancy & labour

Hypnosis during IVF can increase success rates by over 50% (Clinical Trials)

In a study in the USA, 16 women with amenorrhoea (absence of periods related to brain hormone production) received CBT based treatment. Six of the 8 women in the CBT group resumed ovulation, while only 1 woman in the control group resumed ovulation.

In one study in Israel, 98 women undergoing IVF received hypnosis during embryo transfer, while 96 women served as controls. In the fertility hypnosis group, 53% of the women achieved pregnancy, while only 30.2% in the control group did.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

a simple, effective solution