Hypnosis can heal the body

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Hypnosis can heal the body

As a Cognitive hypnotherapist, we are taught that the mind and body are connected as one whole. There is no separation. What affects the mind affects the body and vice versa. So yes, I believe hypnosis can heal the physical body. Some people can smoke all their life and do … Read More

Breathing improves fertility

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As a Breath Teacher, I have personal experience of working with many women. Some of whom have successfully conceived after attending one to one sessions, or workshops, or weekend retreats run by The Big Breath Company.  A few of these women are over 40 too. I have noticed time and … Read More

Placebo & self-healing

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The placebo effect may tap into our ability to self-heal Our minds, when given the chance can become powerful healing tools. The so-called placebo effect is an idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is real. This effect can be triggered by an inactive substance like … Read More

Hypnotherapy for conception

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Why you might want to consider Hypnotherapy for conception. Research has shown that hypnotherapy is a beneficial aid not only to natural conception but also when used in conjunction with artificial reproduction techniques such as IVF. The evidence is compelling. A further study in Israel showed that the success rates … Read More

Does Hypnosis Work?

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I’m unsure; does hypnosis work? Does hypnosis work ? Despite bundles of research, there are many who rightly ask that question. Most of my clients  aren’t really sure, many just come with an open mind having heard or read about other success stories. I’ve never had a client who didn’t … Read More

Fear of Public Speaking

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Lots of us have a fear of Public Speaking. I’ve worked with clients who invented deaths in their family because their fear of public speaking was so great. Other clients pop pills to help them manage their fear of public speaking engagements. Is it OK to pop a beta blocker to alleviate symptoms that … Read More

Mind and Body

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Mind and Body are connected Mind and body are not two separate entities. They work in synergy. The mind affects the body.  The body affects the mind. Medicine and hypnosis In 1952 Dr Albert Mason treated a fifteen year boy’s warts using hypnosis. The boy’s skin had the appearance of an elephant’s … Read More

Unconscious mind

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Unconscious or conscious mind. Which is in charge? It’s long been known that the unconscious has an important part to play in therapy. Some psychotherapies focus attention on the conscious mind, and the unconscious gets overlooked. Some approaches focus on past emotional events, revisiting them in order to relieve emotional … Read More

Transformational Breath Seminar

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TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH PERSONAL LEVEL Training Programs (Step 1 toward Certification & Professional Training) Seminar (Level I, II and III) “Seminar” is a 6-day program identical in content to Levels I, II and III. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The goal of Seminar is to use the Breath to create powerful and permanent personal … Read More