A different type of Pregnancy support

(Not just Hypnobirthing)
Have the best journey to motherhood possible


A powerful online programme designed to support women throughout their pregnancy, during labour and postpartum.

Prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for birth and motherhood.
Using hypnosis and breathwork techniques, alongside other practices you will raise your vibrational frequency. Access states of joy, peace and relaxation. Open up the space to create a deeper connection with your baby.

Accelerate your recovery from any physical symptoms, such as morning sickness,  post labour surgery or a Cesarean birth.  This isn't just hypnobirthing, it's more expansive and offers support for women who face difficult pregnancies.

Who's this for?

For any woman trying to conceive or who is just pregnant.

something you should know

You've read all these amazing stories of what other women have achieved. From beautiful blooming pregnancies through to pain free births and breastfeeding bliss.  Yes, I know you want this too.  You want your pregnancy and birth of your child to be perfect, anything less will make you feel like you've failed.

But lets have a reality checkReally?  These examples are the exceptions, not the norm.

These stories are aspirations, not SMART goals. The reason why there're not SMART is that they aren't A (achievable) or R (realistic) for some women.

Most of us can walk, but we all can't run marathons (without years of practice and hard work).

Also some women struggle to conceive, and this process can take its toll. So when they do fall pregnant, they are often exhilarated but exhausted too.

While Midwifery support has improved over recent years, it still is very risk adverse and this can throw up some problems during childbirth. I've seen this through my clients.

Women know deep down how their dreams can disappear before them, resurfacing into their worst nightmares.


Some women bloom, some women crash and burn during pregnancy. I was the latter. I spent months suffering from the worst morning sickness ever. It wasn't pretty.

I had a traumatic second labour and childbirth, that took me years to recover from. I never had anymore children. I was done with all that.

But that was over 20 years ago.  I'm now a grandmother and have helped women struggling to become mothers for over a decade.

As well as being an expert hypnotherapist with training in multiple hypnobirthing techniques, I'm also a breath work teacher and energy worked.  My accumulated skills, years of experience, and using hypnosis alongside breathwork and energy medicine, offers my pregnant ladies the best of all complementary medicine approaches.


Understanding how the unconscious mind and the unconscious body can be accessed through hypnosis and breath means that you can learn to unfold into what is going on for you.

You can communicate unconsciously with your baby to help them during this journey. It’s your body and your mind and your baby. And so you can have far more control over your pregnancy than you thought possible...

  • You might have spent ages trying to conceive and now that you are, panic and anxiety has set in.
  • You feel exhausted, you're worried. You're constantly checking your body for signs of baby life.  There is part of you that is scared that you will lose your baby.
  • You're partner is stressed too, and you don't want to worry them about your worries.
  • You're check ups might have shown something worrying.
  • Your previous childbirth experience was horrendous and you don't want this one to be the same.

Yes, I know you can't stop your thought processes- believe me. I understand TOTALLY what you're going through.

you want to relax more but you just can't

out of your mind


you could relax


for it to all be over


a failure

I mean your totally drained, it should be effortless but it's not.

And yes, you're right.

It SHOULD be effortless- what you want is...

A tailored programme for you to follow that support you through your pregnancy and beyond. 

To trust that your unconscious mind and body are working together to support you through your journey.

Pregnancy hypnosis relaxation tools that will guide through any challenges and childbirth. 
To know that you have processed any negative pregnancy experiences and not suppressed them.

A framework that you can follow full of practical techniques that will help you communicate with your baby.


To know that you're doing everything possible to keep you and baby safe.

And...the best pregnancy & childbirth experience possible
This is what my pregnancy support programme is all about


When your unconscious mind and body are in synchronicity you raise your vibration frequency

And then...

You're relaxed more than stressed.  A relaxed mind means less stress in the body, less tension in the tissues. Less tension in the tissues mean labour and childbirth will be easier. Your recovery faster, giving you more time to bond with your baby.

Throughout your whole pregnancy you can lay down layers of mental as well as physical strength to carry you into motherhood.

why is this different?

  • I share with my clients powerful techniques that really work. Click to read my success stories
  • I provide a framework that addresses any previous negative experiences,  challenges of the present and future worries.
  • Work with removing any obstacles and bring more peace to your body.
  • Learn how to follow the flow of your pregnancy, rather than resisting what's happening for you now.
  • When you're balanced and aligned you change the physiology of the body and activate the relaxation response so pregnancy can unfold without any struggle or resistance.
  • You get the support that you need to travel through your pregnancy gently and with ease.
  • You receive follow up audio recordings to support you with morning sickness, preparing for labour, during labour and for recovery and breastfeeding.
  • Accelerate your healing, bond with your baby and bounce back post labour quicker than you might imagine.


Sarah Jons

Helping women struggling to become mothers.

A therapist with over a decades worth of experience in many different complementary modalities.

Co-founder of The Big Breath Company running training's and retreats in the UK and abroad.