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Public Speaking


Fear of public speaking is so common:

Public speaking is the number one issue that clients come to see me for. Even highly trained presenters and actors can get hit by public performance issues. Have you got a big work presentation pending or are you preparing for a job interview? Perhaps you’ve been asked to give a best man speech or your wedding day is blighted by panic around groom speech? Maybe you can’t answer the phone ( especially when the number isn’t known?).

Or perhaps you want to date and lack the confidence to converse with a potential partner. Glossophobia is said to affect women more than men, although interestingly it’s mostly men who come to me for help. The word “glosso” comes from the Greek meaning tongue because we literally become tongue-tied.

Did you know that your tongue moves when you think? If you have an inner critical voice playing at the same time as you’re trying to speak in public, you metaphorically can trip over your tongue ( as it’s moving in different directions).

Can you recall an embarrassing event which pops into your head each time you think about having to speak in front of a group of people in the future? Are you gripped with panic and sheer fright at the prospect of a repeat performance? What steps are you taking to avoid the situation?

I know what this phobia feels like. Nowadays as a trainer, I stand in front of groups of people regularly. Because I’ve worked on this issue throughout my training, I relax into my presentations and actually enjoy them.

Hi Sarah. I just wanted to say thank you! I had to present to the whole company last week, it was assigned to me very last minute. I was only given a few days notice and I was dreading it. However I stood up on stage and the fear just didn’t kick in, I could hold eye contact with everyone it seemed and I could speak clearly and confidently without the nerves and fear uncontrollably taking over my body. I honestly can’t thank you enough, it really has changed me. I also got a promotion following that speech, it was in line with my annual review and I’m sure that presentation was a test! I just want to thank you again.
- Steve