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Are you always on time?

We all know that scheduling our busy lives to arrive on time carries some risk, yet with careful planning, most of us have mastered the habit of punctuality. Yet, most of us know someone within our circle who struggles with being on time (pretty much most of the time). Maybe that’s you?

Lateness can affect the relationship you have with others, your boss, your friends and family.

Not showing up on time is a broken promise that comes with negative character labels such as unreliable, selfish, and lazy. Harsh? Perhaps, yet there could be some grains of truth in these labels. Missed flights, train trips, exam or dissertation deadlines, late arrival at job interviews can impact on present and future bank balances. These expenses can hit us hard financially and block career advancement. When you arrive late for an engagement, it also means you’re not at your best, leaving you frazzled and flustered.
So what’s at the root of this behaviour? Procrastinating plays a part in punctuality. We put off what we don’t enjoy, we distract ourselves, play down the importance of the task at hand and sometimes blame others. Deeper issues around self-worth can come into play.

Hypnotherapy for Lateness

When did you start being late? Was it learnt from a parent or did this behaviour start during a particular phase of your life? Work through your life script of lateness and rewrite it with one of punctuality.

Practice now in the present being ahead of time, load your brain using your imagination up with these experiences. Connect with those feel good feelings of being on time and get your conscious and unconscious working together to make this change permanent.