Sarah Jons Cognitive Hypnotherapist I Transformational Breath Trainer


I hope this section answers any questions you might have: My packages start from £250 and my individual session rates are from £200.

Email me at sarah@sarahjons.com
You can call or text me directly on 07769 111711.

This depends on the issue. Some phobias can be straightforward and would only require a breakthrough session. I offer packages for my clients suited to their issue.

Tuesday to Friday from noon to 7pm

I’m based in London. My breathwork, reiki and hypnotherapy sessions are available in a beautiful healing space in a private house in North London near Bounds Green tube station N22. 

I also work at 45 Central Street, London, EC1V 8AB. This venue is close to Old Street and Barbican tube stations

Yes, I use the internet for many of my clients and find it just as effective as face to face for most of the techniques I use. It offers a stress free option without the travel and can be more convenient for those who are working full time. The software I use is Zoom. This is a bit like Skype but more reliable and encrypted. I use a iMac or PC with a broadband connection and its incredibly reliable. You would need a webcam and microphone and some headphones.
Email me sarah@sarahjons.com to book a Zoom session

I work with most clients on a package basis. Following our telephone discussion, I will provide costs and further details.

Yes completely, I won’t ask you to do anything illegal or dangerous. Sometimes, I may challenge you and this can create emotional responses, but there’s always a positive intention behind everything I do. That positive intention will be for you to get the change you are coming to see me for.

If you’re interested in booking me for a breathwork session I invite you to peruse my other website >>>  The Breathwork Teachers.com for more expansive information.

That depends. The breakthrough sessions are over 2 hours. The weekly sessions are around 75 minutes.

Sorry I don’t currently do this. Although I can provide invoices for you to submit your claim directly to your insurance company.

If we are working over Zoom you can cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance.
If we are working face to face at my therapy rooms, then I have to follow their cancellation policy.
Cancellations are possible 8 days before the appointment date. If you have an appointment for a Friday you need to notify me the week before on the Thursday by 4pm. Any cancellations after this time will be subject to a £25 cancellation fee.
Cancellations can be done via email sarah@sarahjons.com or calling or texting 07769 111711.

Therapy is a two way process, so I need you to do some work as well. I can’t guarantee that you will do the work, although I will give it my best effort to make this happen.  I offer a money back guarantee on my stopping smoking package. Do however check out my success stories, as I have many satisfied clients.

Our therapy sessions together are 100% confidential, unless I have any serious concerns for your immediate safety or that of others. I am bound by a very rigorous Code of Ethics.

Being hypnotised or in a trance is actually a state that we enter into throughout the day. Have you ever driven somewhere not really noticing how time passed? Daydreaming is another example of how being hypnotised might feel. It’s a subjective experience and dependent on the work that we are doing. One common misconception is that you need to be in a deep trance state for hypnotherapy to be effective. Some of the work I do requires you to communicate with me and be awake.  Saying that some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others, but I’m trained to accommodate and work with the differences.