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Recreational Drugs


We like to get high.
We’ve been taking drugs since prehistoric times. We don’t need to grow them anymore, we can have them delivered to our homes from our phones. There is research to suggest that some drugs are better for us healthwise than alcohol. So when is getting high a problem? It’s a problem if our drug use impacts negatively on our health, wealth, relationships, career and general wellbeing. It’s a problem if we spend a lot of time thinking about where our next high is coming from. It’s a problem if we know it’s a problem.

The vulnerability for dependency and addiction starts in early childhood. Evidence points in extreme cases to neglect and trauma, through to absent parenting and emotional nurturing in milder cases. 

As a society, we focus on developing our external environment: from our status, our physical looks, academic success, career, rather than developing our internal self. We’re not taught how to identify and regulate our emotions, to deal with our frustrations, stress or rejections. We’re overwhelmed; we burn out with pressure, we succumb to failure.

The mentality and behaviour of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless over their addiction and unless they have structured help, they have no hope.
- Russell Brand

We want that escape from the restriction of our circumstances and social expectations. Ahhh, let’s get high! Yes, it’s perfectly possible for a person to function for years without any negative side effects from taking drugs. But it’s a gamble. The cocaine binges and accelerated heart rate, the frightening ketamine k hole, that lasts longer than usual, the 3-day hangovers, the bad drug batch that triggers hallucinations. Ok, now let’s stop!

Hypnotherapy for Drug Sobriety So maybe there’s a sober part of you that realises the time is now to make its voice heard. Not just the morning after a big binge or a drug-fuelled close call. 

Perhaps there is a repeating loop of anxieties playing inside your head. Are you ready to listen to these calls to action? With my addiction coaching training and experience, I can help you to take a close look at what’s happening in that space when you engage in any drug-taking behaviour.

You can rewire the neural pathways of your brain that self- regulate through drugs. Know that any relapse isn’t a collapse just a part of walking a different path. Be curious about what you find out about yourself in this process. Feel healthier, become wealthier, create new unconscious behaviours and habits, and begin an authentic, loving relationship with yourself and others around you. What’s stopping you?