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Who doesn’t suffer from stress?
Stress is survival and from an evolutionary perspective keeps us alive. Stress includes the release of chemicals in the body such as adrenaline and cortisol. These chemicals are known as hormones, and they cause changes in our physiology.

From increased heart rate, dry mouth, sweating palms to more energy in our muscles to help us to fight, flight or freeze. In modern society, we shouldn’t need to fight for protection, run away from life-threatening situations or freeze in challenging situations. But our mind and bodies can get tricked into believing that our lives are full of threat and so the stress response gets switched on, time and time again.

We start to perceive threats from early childhood, we absorb parental stress, and then we have to survive multiple schools changes, and years of testing and exams. Adolescent and the onset of hormones, make us stress about our body shape and external appearance. Leaving home, starting University, setting up our careers, relationships; our exposure to stress just accumulates. I’m just describing a normal life, so imagine how stress gets amplified when we have to deal with some of the heavy duty stuff like a bereavement.
So how do we get rid of stress? We don’t very well. Stress accumulates in the body over the years, and we aren’t taught from an early age how to overcome the effects. It makes us ill, prevents us from sleeping, falling pregnant, losing weight. Stress underpins much of our negative behaviours from comfort eating to binge drinking, taking drugs, to lashing out in anger, to a full blown mental breakdown.

Hypnotherapy for Stress
Studies have shown that hypnosis is effective in treating stress-related conditions including anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder. Just as your mind and body ( subconscious ) have played a part in creating this stress for you they can take the lead in unravelling this for you and alleviating stressful symptoms. 

During our sessions, you can explore the accumulation of stress in your life, and integrate it more fully into your subconscious. Melting away any resistance in your mind you can face up to the reality of any challenging situations you need to deal with.

By incorporating the tools and techniques I can teach you into your daily practice alongside reducing any negative self-talk, you will notice new feelings of relaxation being more present.