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Transformational Breath Personal Seminar

Seminar Level I, II and III

Nilgül Tavsel & Elif Clarke

Coming in 2019

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West Lexham Manor (Norfolk) UK

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TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH PERSONAL LEVEL Training Programs (Step 1 toward Certification & Professional Training)

Seminar (Level I, II and III)

“Seminar” is a 6-day program identical in content to Levels I, II and III.

  • Staffing: This training will be led by Senior Trainer Nilgül and supported by Trainer Elif Clarke and Co-trainer Sarah Jons.


The goal of Seminar is to use the Breath to create powerful and permanent personal transformation in a relatively short period. Seminar week begins the process of mastering one’s breath, understanding how it is directly connected to mastering one’s life or life-force, and provide tools and instruction so one may continue self-sessions at home.

The week is packed with numerous ways of working with Transformational Breath so that, post-program, it becomes an important part of the participant’s life on a daily basis. There are two to three breath sessions each day.

Seminar Activities include:

  • Exploring the diversity of full diaphragmatic breathing in varied ways such as Partner Breathing, Seated Sessions, Third Eye, Throat, Underwater, Nanu / Mini-session, 8th through 12th Chakra Opening, Brain Balancing, and Mirror Breathing
  • Fountain of Youth 5 Tibetan Rites
  • “The Work” Judgment Resolution Process
  • Soul Dyadic Communication
  • New Energy Technologies
  • Work on the Inner Child
  • “Break-states”
  • Forgiveness Exercise
  • Prosperity Program
  • Sound Healing
  • Breathing Analysis
  • Body Mapping
  • Pre- and post- session Transformational Coaching

Benefits of Transformational Breath

Brief Insight

This is an official Transformational Breath Programme. In this seminar you will open and expand your breathing and experience its potential to gift you with great changes such as enhanced health, greater peace, direction in life, vitality, creativity, and spiritual awakening just to name a few.

This has been called a life changing week, because for many it is. It is a time for deep personal transformation, and also the first part of your training should you wish to share this internationally recognised self-healing modality with others.

  • Open your Breath

    Learn to use your whole respiratory system

  • Increase oxygenation throughout the body

    Improve energy levels and circulation

  • Improve well-being for many conditions

    Addictions, stress, respiratory ailments, anaerobic diseases, and many others.

  • Reduces worry and anxiety

    Relieves depressive and negative emotions

  • Clears past traumas and dramas

    Improves self-esteem

  • Deepens meditation & expands awareness

    Develops spiritual gifts & creates connection

West Lexham Manor

West Lexham is a unique venue for rural retreats , 2 hours from London, 75 minutes from Cambridge and 45 minutes from Norwich. It is a work of passion and is crafted out of the heritage building that are the legacy of over 1000 years of farming and stewardship of nature. Set in a protected valley with the UK’s cleanest chalk stream it is verdant and bursting with nature. They have floating water meadows, ancient trees, lakes and formal gardens for you to explore. They are 90% run on renewables with solar panels for power and a woodchip boiler for heat. All there water is fresh from the chalk aquifer making it rich in minerals and taste delicious.. We believe this is the perfect place to launch our Transformational Breath Seminar

Transformational Breath Trainers

Senior Trainer

Nilgül Tavsel is a Senior Trainer of international standing and was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She is the Transformational Breath Country Liaison for Turkey. She has studied sociology together with philosophy and psychology at university. She has been practicing self-healing techniques since 1985. She is a Sufi. Follower of Rumi, Reiki Master, CTI Life Coach, Holistic Living Coach.

She says, “I have understood the power of breath from my first breath session and since then, Transformational Breath has become my main tool for both my personal and clients growth and transformation and my admiration of the Transformational Breath technique has been increasing more and more with every breath session I experience.”

Nilgül Tavsel

Elif Clarke


Elif Clarke is a Trainer with over 20 years experience as an NHS Psychologist. She is an advanced Yoga Teacher a Her whole professional career has been dedicated to helping others. Elif is passionate about helping people to breathe better because it’s the most powerful therapy she has experienced. She travels around the world teaching Transformational Breath to different cultures and social backgrounds. In Mexico, she witnessed the impact Transformational Breath had on the lives of women prisoners. She joined Judith Kravitz recently in China where many of the participants on the personal seminar were inspired to train as facilitators.


Sarah Jons is a Co-Trainer who discovered Transformational Breath® by accident. Guided by intuition, she searched for a way to work deeply with her clients. She is a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist & NLP New Code Master Practitioner with a practice in Fleet Street London. As well as being educated to Post Graduate level, she is a professional member of the Complementary and National Healthcare Council. Sarah specialises in stress management, anxiety, addictions, and infertility. She co-founded The Big Breath Company with Elif and focuses on organising the events.

Sarah Jons

What else?

We are staying in the luxurious barns and stunning cottages. There are triples, twins and singles available, all with en-suites.

Our breathing sessions will be in the stunning main barn room and village hall .  The barn room has under floor heating and is adjacent to huge array of sofas, a wood-burning stove and beautiful shared dining area. There will be a wonderful array of nourishing vegetarian food served during your week.

Come Join Us on this Life Changing Seminar ♡

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Costs and Booking?

The cost of the seminar is £1200.

The cost of the accommodation and food vary depending on room type and are in addition to the seminar price. All rooms in the barn have en suites with them.

Twin ( Barn)
£790 for a twin shared room with food.

Single En Suite
£1090 for a single en suite room with food (limited availability).

You can now book your space on Eventbrite paying the first deposit. All remaining payments will be collected by bank transfer.

Single people can opt for shared accommodation. Please make us aware of any preferences.

There is a shared cottage option currently available (female only). Please contact Sarah for availability and pricing.

Getting there

West Lexham is in Norfolk to the east of Kings Lynn. The nearest town is Swaffham, to the South. It is close to rail and coach stops, and easily accessible by public transport.


West Lexham Manor,
Nr. Kings Lynn,
King’s Lynn
PE32 2QN

Tel: 01760 755602

Terms & Conditions

  • The booking process requires you to register and make a partial (non refundable) payment on eventbrite. A further deposit payment of 25% of the total balance will be due within 2 weeks.
  • Please note the balance of this seminar will be collected from Nov 2018. Failure to pay may result in re allocation of your place.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers. We can not provide any refund for transport problems or delays.
  • You will receive regular joining instructions from us closer to the arrival dates
  • Preferences or any special requests to be given during the registration process on eventbrite (including additional dietary requirements or allergies). We may or may not be able to accommodate special diets. Shared preferences will be on a first come first served basis
  • Rooms are single or shared occupancy. There will be some double rooms for couples. There are also triple rooms.
  • Should you have any specific disability requirements or further questions please Email The Big Breath Company
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.

What is Transformational Breath ?

Transformational Breath is an amazing technique that works across three levels. The first level teaches you how to open your complete respiratory system. Physically this energises, clears toxins, and boosts the immune system. It reduces stress hormones; in fact each session can clear ‘something’, leaving behind deep feelings of relaxation.

The emotional is the second level. Emotionally, Transformational Breath provides an opportunity to access those deep unresolved issues and integrate them in a way that has an immediate benefit on your life. This tool works at the level of the subconscious.

The third level of  Transformational Breath is personal and partially dependent upon belief systems; for some it’s deeply spiritual, others fast track to deep meditative states.

Dr Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath over 30 years ago in the US.  There are amazing stories of self healing using Transformational Breath; including reduction in symptoms of disease, such as cancer and back pain.  Tens of thousands of people Worldwide have benefited from this tool.