Brief Therapy

My philosphy

Welcome to my website.  I'm Sarah Jons and this website represents my established Hypnotherapy practice.  I have a deep understanding and years of experience in a range of alternative/complimentary therapies.  I organise and deliver workshops, retreats and training in the UK and abroad as I have a skills across many different complementary therapies.

I believe we are all born with a unique gift to offer the World.  However, we often don't realise it until much later on in life.  Through my own personal crisis 20 years ago,  I discovered my gift was to help others.  So know my work comes from personal pain, and is now an accumulation of years of study and experience.

Your Investment

Perhaps you're reading this because you've exhausted other possibilities.  Maybe you're fed up with life. Perhaps your're overwhelmed with the daily grind.  Is your health at risk in someway?

We regularly spend money on improving our external world. Expensive holidays, decorated homes, fancy clothes, to our hair and teeth without much thought.  We believe these things will make us happy. Briefly they do, but often we're left with a growing emptiness.

I'm sure you know the saying that true happiness comes from within. However why do we struggle when it comes to investing in our inner world of happiness?

My therapeutic approach is brief. On average the number of sessions can be between 4 and 6. This is a mini investment compared to other therapy models. I've known clients come to see me after decades with their therapist. Tens of thousands of pounds spent. I don't necessarily believe this is money wasted. It just might be time to do something differently.

Your Choice

Maybe you're ready to book some Hypnotherapy sessions but feel overwhelmed.  A internet search throws up many different types of therapy on offer.  How can you choose?

Well,  I recommend Cognitive Hypnotherapy ( my training).  It's a science-based approach with solid research.  Within its framework are cutting edge interventions and advanced hypnosis techniques.  We don't read from scripts. We're taught to create bespoke hypnotic language.  This is primed to match your solution state.

So how do you select the best Hypnotherapist to work with?

just might be that person.  Especially if you've got this far.

 My client list includes many who turn towards hypnotherapy when other "talking therapies" stall.  I often receive the feedback they wish they had discovered it (and me) sooner. 


"The solution to your problem is within you" 


For over 10 years, I've been working as a hypnotherapist. I've been taught by some of the top teachers in the World.  Having worked as a senior manager at a top London university, tens of thousands of students have come under my care.  So I have experience of working with young adults in crisis. Mental Health issues are growing among the younger generation. Something needs to change.  Solutions aren't just to be found in pills and counselling.

I'm passionate about engaging in my own personal development which in turn benefits my practice and clients.

I'm currently working towards achieving the status of senior trainer in breathwork.   As a breath coach, I have learnt the additional skill of understanding breathing patterns.  Your breathing pattern mirrors your unconscious. This includes physical, emotional, mental and yes, spiritual issues.

My expertise lies in working with infertility, addictions and public speaking issues.  I can't give guarantees or success rates. Yet I know that complimentary therapies do make a difference, and have witnessed "miracles" within my work that defy logic or reason.

Practical stuff

I'm available from 4:30 pm Monday to Friday for 1:1 sessions.  Skype sessions are available too. In case you're wondering, Skype is a very effective for this type of therapy.

Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin.

If you want to:

  • lose weight
  • drink less
  • sleep well
  • feel confident when speaking in public
  • improve your chances of having a baby
  • or reduce your stress

then each of these is a good starting point.

If you just feel:

  • miserable
  • sad,
  • rejected
  • fed up and burnt out

we can work with these too.

Finally, I come from a place of non judgement and compassion.

If you choose me as your therapist, trust our work is 100% confidential.

“Awaken and connect with the therapist within you”Sarah


Change Management Post Graduate Diploma
Birkbeck University

Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotherapist
Awarded by The Quest Institute

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
Awarded by The National Council for Hypnotherapy

NLP Master Practitioner 
Awarded by The Quest Institute

NLP New Code Conversion Course 
Awarded by Peter Salisbury

Transformational Breath Level V 
Awarded by Transformational Breath UK Co Trainer Status

Soul Retrieval for Therapeutic Professionals
Awarded by Christa Mackinnon Shamanic Teacher


Addictions /Eating Disorders
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Metaphors of Movement
Addiction from the Inside Out
Gastric Band Hypnosis

Eye Movement Integration

Easibirthing Fertility Practitioner
BabyQuest Fertility Practitioner

Confident Childbirth
Easibirthing Practitioner

Neuro Hypno Healing
NLP Academy


I'm listed with the British Register of Complementary Therapists. I'm also the Vice Chair of Transformational Breath UK.